clean jokes

 Below is a list of some of my favorites. Click on the name to link to the joke and then hit the back button to return to this page.


The Race

Say What?

The Ugly Duckling

Milk Money

Last Respects

The Cab Driver

The Magician

My Three Sons

Talking Dog

Giddy Up

The Donkey


Stevie and Tiger

Sweet Cheeks

The Phone Call


Pregnancy Exam

Sunday Drive

 Bird brain

Lone Ranger

Old MacDonald

The Traffic Stop

Strike One

The Juggler

Strong words

The Border

Psychology 101

Where's God?

Golden anniversary

Cold water

The Atheist and the bear

Horse Keeping


Baseball in Heaven


The good Samaritan

The Cowboy



Wish You Were Here

Highly Trained Parrot



Long winded

The Last Wish

City Slickers

Return to sender

The Box

See no evil

The Shopkeepers


The Good Deed

The Indian Chief

The Break Up

The Teacher

The Wreck

Pass the plate

The Estimate

Feeling Queasy


Bad news

Rough Landing

The Ninth Hole

Eating Out

Solitary Confinement

The Memorial

Made in America

Better late than never

Test time

Writers cramp

At the movies

Big Family

The Break Out

The Wedding

Now that's anger

The Robber

Old Blue

The Mother-in-law

The Hole

The Vet Bill

Good Intentions

APB on God

New Pastor

I'll Get It


Help Yourself

The Missionary

Happy Birthday

The Hitchhiker

The Loan

The lawyer and the farmer

A lot of Bull

The Ostrich

Mr. Obvious